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Confirming Custom Weight Belt Orders
Once you have submitted your order, you will receive a computer-generated confirmation that your order has been received. The order has not yet been processed and payment has not occurred at this time. After we have reviewed your custom belt order, we will advise if there are any questions or concerns. At this time, your credit card will be processed and you will receive a second e-mail which must be approved before your belt goes into production. Once approval has been received, your order will be sent into production. Your belt will take approximately 14 to 16 weeks to produce and ship. Once the order is ready for shipment, you will receive a third email with the tracking information. Once your belt has been embroidered, it cannot be altered. All custom weight belts are non-returnable/refundable.
How to Measure for Your Weight Belt
Ordering a Cardillo weight belt is all about options. The most important step to creating your custom belt is finding the proper measurement. There are two options:
  1. If you have an existing belt (or have access to a belt), measure from the end of the roller (on the buckle) to the hole that is most comfortable for you.
  2. If you do not have access to a belt, measure yourself around your belly button and get a relaxed measurement.
The measurement obtained is what you will use to properly size yourself for a Cardillo weight belt. The measurements shown in the “Select Your Size” section represent he center set of holes. This measurement is the distance from the end of the roller to the center set of holes on each belt. We have also listed suggested sizes for each belt. Please remember, the further you get away from the center set of holes, you will either have too much tongue or not enough tongue to cinch the belt tight. If you have any questions with regards to sizing, please contact customer service at (804) 794-7616 prior to confirming your order. Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST. Custom Weight Belts are non-returnable/non-refundable. A custom belt is any belt with embroidery.
Font Styles
FONT OPTIONS: There are five basic fonts for embroidery. Block - One color only. Fonts-Block
Script - One color only. Fonts-script
The above two font styles are available with upper and lower case letters. EXAMPLE: JOE SMITH or Joe Smith. If you type the embroidery in all capital letters, it will appear on the belt in all capital letters. Full Block - One color only. Fonts-full-block
Full Block Outlined - One color outline only. Fonts-full-block-outlined
2 Tone Full Block - 2 colors. Inside and outline. Fonts-2tone-full-block
The above three font styles are available in upper case letters ONLY. EXAMPLE: JOE SMITH.
Height of Embroidery Multiple Lines of Embroidery
Embroidery Options Cardillo offers one, two or three lines of embroidery for the back of the belt. The height of the letters will vary depending on the number of lines selected and the length of the embroidery. The longer the word, the shorter the letters. Height of Embroidery Multiple Lines There are several options for how you would like the embroidery to appear on the back of the belt. Cardillo will size the embroidery based on the following: size of the belt, font chosen and length of the embroidery. For one or two lines of embroidery, you can choose how you would like the sizing to be:

2 Lines of Embroidery: Both lines can be the same height or one line can be larger than the other.

You can choose from the following: BOTH LINES SAME SIZE SMALL-LARGE LARGE-SMALL

3 lines of Embroidery: You have the following options on how the embroidery will appear.


Embroidery Colors
FONT OPTIONS: Script – ONE color only. Block – ONE color only. Full Block – ONE color only. Full Block OUTLINED – ONE color only. If you choose this option, only the outline of each letter will be embroidered, the inside of the letters will be the leather of the belt. 2 Tone Full Block - 2 Colors. The first thread color listed will be the inside of the letters and the second color will be the outline of the letters. Example: Red, White (red will be inside color and white will be the outline color.) Embroidery Color(s). Colors for embroidery are virtually limitless. If you need help choosing a specific color, you can browse the Pantone Color Chart site to see examples of available colors. (The Pantone Color Chart is an outside site that can be used for color reference. Cardillo USA does not own and is not affiliated with the Pantone Color Chart web site. ) Pantone Color Chart Website. This link will bring you away from the Cardillo site and open in a new browser. Search for your Color(s)! On the website - there is a blue search box that says, "Enter a Pantone color name or number" Suggested uses are to search for green, blue, purple, red, orange or yellow. These are primary colors - from that you will be able to see the different shades available. Once you choose the color(s) please enter the specific PMS number or the specific color name in the thread color field where appropriate. WE WILL TRY TO MATCH THE COLOR CHOSEN AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE. HOWEVER, NOT EVERY COLOR WILL BE AN EXACT MATCH. If you have any questions regarding your order, please feel free to contact us.
Costs for Embroidery Options on Custom Belts
Each custom weight belt has a base price. Additional costs are added depending on the embroidery options chosen. 1 Line on Back of belt - $65.00 2 Lines on Back of belt - $80.00 3 Lines on Back of belt - $95.00 2 Initials on Tongue - $20.00 3 Initials on Tongue - $30.00 4-5 Initials on Tongue - $40.00 2 Tone Full Block Font - $5.00
Logo Belts Q&A
Cardillo can put logos on the back or tongue/front of the belts (i.e. company logo, sports clubs, organizations, gyms, etc.). If the logo is copyrighted and you do not own the copyright, we cannot reproduce the logo. Also, depending on the size of the logo it may not fit on the tongue. Please submit the logo and we will advise if we have any problems and questions. We offer this option on the 310DL leather training belt and the 410DL leather powerlifting belt. What image format do you accept? This image must be either a .jpg or .pdf format. How do I send you my logo image? Attach the logo image to an e-mail and send to What is the size of the embroidered logo? Back of belt: The maximum height of the logo is 3”. Tongue of belt: The maximum height of the logos between ½” and 1”. What is the cost for embroidery tape? If it is necessary for us to make an embroidery tape of the logo, the cost will be an additional $150. If we have an existing image, the cost will range from $65 to $95, depending on the logo. Will you make changes to my artwork? The logo will be produced exactly as the image is received. We cannot make any changes to the image we receive. How much does it cost for multiple belts with the same logo? If you are ordering more than one belt with the same logo, the second logo belt will be $65 for logo embroidery plus cost of belt. For multiple logo belts with same logo, please contact us for pricing information. How long will it take to make my logo belt? Once the order has been approved and processed (funds received), the belt will take approximately 14 to 16 weeks to produce and ship. Can I cancel or make changes to my order? Once production has begun, the order cannot be canceled or changed. Can logo belts be returned? No. All custom belts are NON-RETURNABLE/NON-REFUNDABLE If I still have questions, when can I reach a representative? If you have an questions with regards to ordering a custom logo belt, please contact customer service at (804) 794-7616, Monday–Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm EST.
Shipping & Shipping Costs
UPS Ground: United States, Puerto Rico - $15.00 UPS Ground: Canada - $30.00 (Please note, import taxes/fees on shipments to Canada ARE NOT the responsibility of the shipper.) ALL BELTS WILL SHIP SIGNATURE REQUIRED. IF THE BELT IS RETURNED AS UNDELIVERABLE WE WILL CHARGE AN ADDITIONAL $15 TO RESHIP. TRACKING INFORMATION IS SENT AT THE TIME OF SHIPMENT. PLEASE MAKE SURE SOMEONE IS AVAILABLE TO SIGN FOR THE PACKAGE OR THAT YOU MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR REDELIVERY THROUGH YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE. US Post Office Priority Mail: Alaska, Hawaii, Military, and PO Boxes - $15.00 FedEx: International orders (Please contact us for information). Customs/Import Charges: Taxes, Fees Import Charges: Please note international shipping prices quoted by Cardillo USA DO NOT include any taxes, fees or import charges that may be imposed by the individual countries to where the belt is shipped. You may incur additional fees when your belt is delivered. Cardillo USA is not responsible for any import/customs charges. How long will it take to get my order?
    • Stock belts: will ship within 1-5 business days.
    • Custom Belts: will take approximately 14 to 16 weeks for production. Production will start the date the order is confirmed.
Additional Charges: In the event you have provided the wrong shipping address. There may be an additional charge for the shipping carrier to correct and redeliver package. The address that we will ship to will be on your order confirmation. Please look over your order confirmation carefully. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us.
International Shipping Quote
Please use form below to request a quote for international shipping charges. Please include your complete shipping address and the product being ordered. As soon as the request is received, you will be contacted with the shipping/handling costs for the order along with any anticipated import fees, duties or taxes. Taxes, Fees, Import Charges International shipping prices quoted by Cardillo Inc. DO NOT include any taxes, fees or import charges that may be imposed by the individual countries to where the belt is shipped. You may incur additional fees when your belt is delivered. Cardillo USA is not responsible for these additional charges.

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Payments / Returns / Exchanges
What Payments are accepted? All payments are due upon order confirmation. We accept the following forms of payment:

Mastercard Visa American Express Discover Personal Check

All MA residents will be subject to a 6.25% sales tax. How do I cancel an order?

Stock Belts: Orders for stock weight belts must be canceled prior to shipment. Custom Belts: Orders for custom weight belts must be canceled prior to the order going into production. All custom weight belts are non-returnable. Returns/Refunds/Exchanges:

Stock Weight Belts only.
      • Must be returned within 7 days of receipt and show NO signs of wear.
      • Must be accompanied with the original receipt of purchase.
      • Refunds will be issued for the cost of the belt only.
      • No refunds will be issued for shipping.
      • All refunds will be issued to the original card supplied for the order.
How do I make an exchange? Stock weight belts only. If a stock belt is ordered in the incorrect size, it may be exchanged for a different size within 7 days of receipt with proof of purchase. The buyer is responsible for the cost of returning the incorrect size and will be charged an additional $15 to reship the correct size. Returns are to be sent to: ANC - Everett, 718 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149 PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK THE INSTRUCTIONS ON MEASURING FOR A WEIGHT BELT BEFORE CONFIRMING YOUR ORDER. Weight belts are structurally guaranteed for the life of the belt.
Leather vs. Suede Belts
In the past, Cardillo offered suede belts. However, we have found them to be inferior to the garment leather we now use on all of our belts. Therefore, suede belts are discontinued.
Lever Action Belts
We do not recommend the leather lever belts. There is no adaptability to tighten or loosen the belt when your sets move between different weights in the same workout. In order to make the belt tighter or looser, you have to adjust the screws that hold the lever in place.
Single Prong vs. Double Prong Buckles
In the past, Cardillo made single-prong belts as an alternative. Over the years, we determined that the double-prong buckles are 2 1/2 times stronger than the single-prong buckle. Therefore, we no longer offer single-prong buckles.
Nylon Belts
In the very early years, Cardillo made nylon belts. However, these belts gave the wearer a false sense of support. The minimal amount of support from nylon belts comes from the 2" nylon strap. Over the past 30 years that Cardillo has been making weight lifting belts, we have determined that the best quality, most durable, best support and comfortable material for training and powerlifting belts is leather. This is what we feel our customers want and deserve.

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