One of the best things about the Cardillo leather weight lifting belts is that they can be customized.

This option makes your belt unique to you and can show case your achievements, interests, hobbies, etc.

Customizing a Cardillo leather weightlifting belt is easy and affordable. You can choose from multiple Font styles and unlimited colors.

Cardillo leather weightlifting belts are worn by almost every IFBB Pro and most Olympians. Even some of the most famous weightlifters choose to customize their Cardillo leather weighting belts as well as many supplement companies.

Customized Cardillo leather weightlifting belt are used by many companies as advertising media. People wear the belt in the gym or in competitions and instantly advertise your company, product, website, etc. Cardillo customized weightlifting belts can increase your exposure on social media as well. Many weightlifters post their Cardillo customized weight belts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; thus, expanding your reach even further.

Cardillo customized weightlifting belts make amazing gifts.  They can be used as incentives for employees.  They make excellent gifts for the weightlifters who are just getting started.  Customized Cardillo weightlifting belts can give someone the push needed to get into physical fitness and show their personality.

Customizing your Cardillo leather weightlifting belt not only makes it personal to the wearer; but helps to prevent the belt from being stolen.  If misplaced, everyone will know whose Cardillo leather weightlifting belt they have found.

Many professional sports teams, use Cardillo customized weightlifting belts for training (NY Jets, Steelers, etc.)