Cardillo’s Custom Lifting Weight Belt with Embroidery lets you personalize your belt. You can add a custom logo and/or text, and create a one of a kind weight lifting belt. All designs are embroidered onto the leather, ensuring that your customizations will stay in good quality for years to come. The Lifting Weight Belt with Cardillo Powerlifter Logo comes with Cardillo’s signature powerlifter logo on the back of it, with the option to customize the tongue of the belt with text.

To personalize your belt, simply choose from the customizable belt options and add your text and/or image. It’s quick, easy, and will go through processing before production to ensure that your customizations will be of the best quality.

You can customize the Lifting Weight Belt or the Powerlifting Weight Belt, which are hand-made in the USA with high-quality garment leather. We have created custom Cardillo Weight Belts for a variety of public figures, including Oplympian and Arnold winners, athletes, and celebrities.