In general, using a weightlifting belt helps to reduce stress on the lower back and helps prevent back hyperextension when lifting. The compression on the abdominal cavity provides more support for your lower back to avoid injuries. Weight belts should be tight enough to provide this support, but should never restrict your breathing or your mobility. A belt that is too tight can be dangerous for your internal organs, and a belt that is too loose will not provide benefits. An ideal fit would allow you to feel your abs push against the belt with enough room to take a deep belly breath.

At Cardillo, each belt is proudly handmade in the USA, guaranteeing high-quality leather that will help your Cardillo Weight Belt last throughout your lifetime. The garment leather is a thick, durable material that will conform to your body over time, providing rigid support through years and years. The double prong feature on all of our belts maintains the strength of its support, allowing you to adjust the Cardillo Weight Belt around your waist without the fear of the leather ripping around the holes or breakage of the prongs.

With the durable adjustability of Cardillo Weight Belts, it can be catered to your needs. On a lighter set, your Cardillo Weight Belt can be adjusted a bit looser, as you’re building up abdominal pressure and you’re not engaging your core as much as you would on a heavier lift. This allows better mobility and will give you the support you need for your sets. On a maximum lift, the Cardillo Weight Belt should be tight, to provide support to your core and lower back. It should feel tight enough to be uncomfortable to wear between sets. This will unlock the maximum benefits from wearing a Cardillo Weight Belt when lifting.