Cardillo’s Powerlifting Stock Weight Belts are ideal for heavy lifters. With a 4” width all around the belt, it is designed with maximum thickness and support, perfect for deadlifts, squats, and heavy compound movements. It provides great stability for your core, and for those interested, meets all requirements for powerlifting federations and strongman contests.

The Lever Action Powerlifting Stock Weight Belt includes a lever buckle instead of Cardillo’s usual double prong, Though this has less adjustability than the Powerlifting Stock Weight Belts, the lever will allow you to cinch the belt tighter to your waist, creating more intra-abdominal pressure.


Nylon lifting belts are a more versatile way to increase abdominal pressure to support your core. Cardillo’s Cross Trainer Nylon Lifting Weight Belt is made of a durable, flexible nylon material that is ideal for beginners. They provide support for a wide range of exercises, from squats to deadlifts. The Cross Trainer Nylon Lifting Belt also features a velcro fastener. This lets you adjust your belt in a way that is faster and more convenient.


Suede weight belts are made from a leather composed of skin from the underside of animals. While they are more comfortable than garment leather belts, they do not hold up as well over time. Cardillo’s Suede Weight Belts have been discontinued despite decades of testing as we believe in creating high-quality pieces that will last a lifetime for you.