Feeling stuck in the gym is unfortunately a common occurrence for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. You might feel like you’re not increasing your endurance or building your muscle, which is enough to leave anyone feeling frustrated.

Workout plateaus occur when you maintain the same exercise routine or continue doing the same type of activity for a long period of time. As you stick to your usuals, your body becomes accustomed to these range of motions and the demands of your workouts, and you adapt to it. Other causes of workout plateaus can be a lack of sleep, inconsistent training, and an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Here are some of our tips and tricks to moving forward in the gym!


Progressive overload training involves increasing the difficulty and intensity of your workouts over time. You should start out at a comfortable yet challenging level, and gradually increase the intensity by either adding more weight, reps, or sets.

If you are lifting for prolonged sets of time, or lifting heavy, we recommend Cardillo’s Stock Lifting Weight Belt or Cardillo’s Stock Powerlifting Weight Belt to keep you safe and protected.

These will increase the intra-abdominal pressure while you lift, reducing the stress off your back, knees, and pelvis, allowing you to feel confident to incorporate more weights, reps, or sets into your workout regimen.


Switching up your workouts is a key secret to not only staying motivated, but to seeing faster progress. If you haven’t been testing your limits or pushing yourself hard enough, try intensifying your exercises by incorporating speed workouts and interval training. When doing so, make sure you are not putting yourself in danger of injuries. If you are working with heavy weights and repetitive motions, consider using a Cardillo Weight Belt to protect your spine in the process.

Cardillo Weight Belts provide protection by relieving stress off your body throughout your workout, which in turn, makes you stronger. You’ll be able to complete more exercises within your timed intervals, achieving your desired results faster.


Challenge your body in new and different ways– if you mainly prioritize weight training, incorporate some cardio into your routine. If you prefer to work on cardio, try out weight lifting! Beginner-level lifters are recommended to use either the Stock Lifting Weight Belt or the Cross Trainer Nylon Lifting Weight Belt, to put potential injuries at bay while you figure out the weight lifting scene.