Warm-up exercises are important and should be considered by anybody that works out. It will raise your body temperature, which allows more oxygen to be available to your muscles. This will let them contract and relax with more ease, letting you perform your tasks more easily. Not only does it reduce risk of injury, but it ensures that your body and your mind are in the correct state to handle gym equipment.


Poor form can lead to various injuries– including strains, tears, and breakages of muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints. Improper form can also hold you back from maximizing your workout for optimal muscular development. If you find yourself struggling to maintain good form while lifting heavy weights and completing long sets, consider using a weight belt. Cardillo Weight Belts can remind you to engage your core muscles and to have a neutral spine while relieving stress on these areas.


Lifting a weight that is too light for you will be counterproductive. You won’t see any of the benefits that weightlifting provides, such as strength gains, fat loss, or other overall health benefits. For muscle development and progression in the gym, it is essential that you are getting a good workout done, rather than going through the motions.

On the other hand, lifting a weight that is too heavy can result in serious injuries. Not only can it result in back pain, but it can cause cardiovascular problems in the long-run, due to enlargement or tearing of the main artery of the heart. If you are aiming for a maximum lift, be sure to be safe and protected with a Cardillo Weight Belt. It will relieve stress and tensions throughout your body to ensure that injuries are less likely to occur.


Weightlifting focuses on discipline. It’s never easy to complete exercises with heavy weights. You need to be in a good mentality to keep pushing on to complete your sets, but this is commonly (and mistakenly) interpreted as “push through the pain”. You should never ignore physical pain in your muscles or bones when working out, as it can be a warning sign for something serious. When you begin to experience joint pain, dizziness, and any sharp pain, it might be a good time to take a break and listen to your body. Injuring yourself to finish an exercise can not only be dangerous, but it is counterproductive to the work you have completed up to that point.

If you find yourself frequently experiencing back, knee, or pelvic pain from lifting, it might be time to get a Cardillo Weight Belt. By providing intra-abdominal pressure, Cardillo Weight Belts helps take the stress off of your joints and your back to protect you throughout your workout.