At Cardillo Inc., we believe in creating high-quality products that will last you throughout your lifetime. Therefore, all Cardillo Weight Belts are proudly handcrafted in the USA, one belt at a time but thousands over time.


American-made weight belts, like Cardillo Weight Belts, are made of authentic, high quality leather that is more durable and long-lasting than mass-produced goods. When purchasing leather from an international manufacturer, the leather is shredded down (leaving the leather looking similar to saw dust) and then pressed together to create a weight belt– allowing them to promote it as 100% leather, though the belt is more flimsy and unreliable. Belts made in the USA must comply with domestic-set quality standards, which means that misrepresentation of the production of the leather must be made clear to the public. Mass-produced international manufactures do not have to comply with this.

At Cardillo Inc., your weight belt will be made the correct and honest way– with real strips of leather that will be there to support and protect you for years to come.