When you’re picking out your Cardillo Weight Belt, there are different options and styles you have to choose from. Here, we’ll be breaking down the two different types of buckles that we offer here at Cardillo Weight Belts.


All of Cardillo’s prong style belts are made with a double prong feature, which avoids the tearing and ripping of the leather around the adjustment holes. The prongs will keep your Cardillo Weight Belt fastened around your waist without any fear of breakage and a prominent sense of security.


A lever buckle on a belt, as seen on Cardillo’s Lever Action Belt, allows for easier access when you’re putting your belt on or taking it off. It gives a tighter fit than the prong style belts. However, in full transparency, there is less adjustability with this type of buckle and the weight of the lever will add approximately 2 pounds.