Women should wear their Cardillo Weight Belt when lifting to provide support to their spine, but have to be extra careful that they are using it correctly. It’s important to be aware of the risks of incorrect usage of a weight belt, so that way, you are consciously making sure you are safe and protected. The added protection changes the body’s center of gravity, ultimately putting more tension on the pelvic floor (which supports your abdominal pelvic cavity). A weak pelvic floor can cause your bladder and uterus to fall, which is a common problem in women after menopause.

It’s recommended that women use their Cardillo Weight Belt to lower the tension around the lower back when in upright lifting positions, and to prevent back hyperextension in the case of overhead lifting. Your Cardillo Weight Belt should be used when working with heavier weights. However, it is important to break up your sets and incorporate less-intense exercises without your belt to even out your center of gravity.