The purpose of a lifting belt is to increase your intra-abdominal pressure to ensure you are properly activating your core, thus making your lift safer, stronger, and more stable. Throughout CrossFit workouts, the high intensity element of the exercises require a lot of movement that can place unhealthy stress on your bones and joints, steering you on the path to a painful immediate injury and/or long term health problems.

For CrossFit exercises, a lightweight belt like the Cardillo Cross Trainer Nylon Lifting Weight Belt is ideal to simultaneously provide optimal mobility and support. These exercises place a lot of emphasis on speed, load, and distance, so a flexible lifting belt will allow you to gracefully reap the full benefits of wearing a belt. The Nylon material is comfortable for intense workouts, as there is no pinching around the waist during movements and there is a strong (but soft) wall for your abdomen to push against. The velcro closure allows an easy and secure on-and-off motion so you can make quick adjustments when needed.