Back in the day, Cardillo sold weight belts made of all kinds of exotic leather– alligator, snake, and lizard leather, to name a few. Suede and patent leather belts were also available, but have been discontinued and are no longer sold today. Here is why we do not offer these belts anymore:

  • COSTLY TO PRODUCE: High production costs mean higher retail prices, making these belts unaffordable to the vast majority of fitness enthusiasts
  • LESS DURABILITY: After decades of testing various strains of leather, we have found that only garment leather provides a high-quality finish that gives us the longevity we aim for
  • NO ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: All Cardillo Weight Belts provide rigid support by stabilizing your back and reducing spinal stress caused by weightlifting and powerlifting. Exotic and other vanity leathers do not provide additional benefits, so we offer personalization through customization of belts instead (this way, your belt is one-of-a-kind!)

At Cardillo, we believe in creating high-quality weight belts that will last a lifetime for you. Unfortunately, exotic leathers, suede leathers, and patent leathers do not accomplish this. We are unwilling to sacrifice the quality and longevity of our Cardillo Weight Belts, so all of these strains of leather have been discontinued. If you are interested in owning a high-quality garment leather Cardillo Weight Belt, but own a belt of lesser quality, check out our Strap-Up Program, where we award credit towards a Cardillo Weight Belt purchase with the trade-in of your current weight belt.