In the past, we offered different types of Cardillo Padded Weight Belts. We offered padding in the lumbar area, or padding around the full length of the entire belt. While they were comfortable to wear, the padding defeated the purpose of the Cardillo Weight Belts as it did not build up an adequate amount of intra-abdominal pressure, leading to a discontinuation of these belts.

In the 90s, Cardillo partnered up with Reebok to create the Pump Belt, which featured a pump to fill the crest of your lower back while keeping the leather on your lower body, an adjustment we learned was necessary after our other padded belts. The pump feature worked to ensure that you could get your belt to the preferred tightness without discomfort. The Pump Belt made appearances in many retail sports, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, JcPenney, Sports Authority, Dunham’s Sports, Galyan’s Trading Company, and Champs Sports. After deciding to leave the wholesale part of the business, and strictly focus on Cardillo Weight Belts, the Cardillo x Reebok Pump Belt was discontinued. Though these belts are rare to find today, they function well and maintain Cardillo’s high-quality standard.