Weight lifting and weight training should be a fundamental part of your exercise regimen, and here is why:


Through muscular hypertrophy (weight lifting to stimulate muscle growth) and muscular endurance (weight training to sustain exercise for a period of time), you gain strength to perform your daily activities with more ease. For athletes, building strength will improve your athletic performance in sports that require more power, speed, and endurance.



Since muscle is more metabolically efficient than fat, you’ll burn more calories while you’re at rest. Weight lifting and weight training will allow you to build muscle while simultaneously burning fat, leaving you to look leaner while helping you reach your self-set goals.



Performing exercises with weights will not only improve the strength of your muscles, ligaments, and tendons, but it will increase their range of motion and mobility. This reinforces strength around your knees, ankles, hips, and other major joints, providing protection against potential injuries.

Some exercises can be dangerous if not performed correctly, so if it feels like your joints are in pain or are not getting stronger, consider using your Cardillo Weight Belt to prevent serious injuries. Your Cardillo Weight Belt will reduce the stress placed on you, and increase the intra-abdominal pressure, so you can complete your workouts and feel the improvements without aches and pains.



Exercises with weights puts temporary stress on your bones, which prompts bone-building cells to take action and rebuild your bones stronger. This can be dangerous, however, so make sure you are listening to your body. If you experience pain and discomfort, it may be time to strap on your Cardillo Weight Belt. It will alleviate your bones and joints from an excessive amount of stress, allowing you to reap the benefits of weight lifting and weight training without risk of immediate and long-term injury.



Weight lifting and weight training regulates important hormones, such as serotonin (your “feel-good” hormone), dopamine (your “pleasure” hormone), and noradrenaline (regulates cognitive function and stress reactions). Alongside improving your mental health, you’ll notice better pain management, physical functioning, and your health in general.